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Achievements and Experience

Spread Goodness® TV

September 2021 - Present

A series that highlights individuals that are making a difference in the world through interviews, both sit-down, three camera shoots, as well as on-the-street, single camera shoots, I am responsible for everything behind the camera from pre- to post-production. It is my job to bring the ideas of host and founder, Lisa Lang, to life. This includes set design, camera operation, audio, lighting, editing. Episodes vary in length, most commonly about 26 minutes long while others may be short clips only a few minutes long designed for social media.

UCSB Film and Media Studies

Bachelor of Arts - Honors

I graduated with honors from UC Santa Barbara with a Bachelor of Arts degree in Film and Media Studies in 2021. My biggest take away from studying the production of feature films was shot composition and the importance of properly aligning a camera in relation to the scene being captured to elicit a specific emotion or response in the viewer. This includes lighting, framing, blocking, camera movement, depth of field, and the forethought to take all of this into consideration before even picking up the camera.

Jake Potts Media Production

August 2020 - Present

Working freelance doing both videography and photography has taught me a multitude of skillsets including creating genuine client relationships, successfully meeting deadlines, understanding my workload limitations, and recognizing where my passions lie in the creative process. Working for myself has taught me more about who I am than I could have learned anywhere else.

Str8 Up Studios®

January 2019 - August 2019

Under the wing of award-winning director, Wes Woodland, I gained experience in all aspects of the production process of content for television. Most significantly, I assisted in the production of PBS aired Sierra Gold, a gold country TV special highlighting three impressive women of the Sierra Nevadas. Credits include 2nd Camera Operation and Production Assistant.

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